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Elastic Colour Morph Dress: Motion-sensitive Orange Butterfly Dress (water-reactive) Liquid Bodysuit: Stretch Reactive Lenticulars Water and Sun Reactive Dress Thunderstorm Dress: Sound Reactive Dress Holographic Fabric Illuminated
Picasso Explosion: Sound Reactive Dress

Rainbow Winters undertakes a series of various projects in the field of smart textiles and interaction design. Using unique cross-discipline research and commercialization ideas, which marry cutting-edge science and fashion. Design of clothing with the application of emerging technology to the fashion, entertainment and advertising industry. Use of interactive textiles which change colour and pattern in response to sound, sunlight, water and stretch.

Please contact work@rainbowwinters.com for more information.

Clients: Arts Centre Washington, IDTECHX, Brown Thomas, Stoli Vodka, DOIN, Fashionware SXSW